ABOUT USAmanat-HRMS (Amanat-Human Resource Management System) is our flag-ship product.
It is a “Recruitment to Retirement” HR software.

Who we are

We are a boutique IT company.

We are focused on:

  • The functional domain of Human Resource Management
  • On-line Skill Assessment
  • Data – Harmonization, Modelling, Analysis, and Visualization
  • Data Processing Automation via Excel Macros

Specialization helps us to

  • Innovate
  • Incorporate best practices in our products and services
  • Assist Customers in adopting latest and best practices
  • Create robust application

What we offer

  • Practical expertize in the domains that we specialize.

  • Industry best practices.

  • Software products that are simple to understand, adopt, and use.

  • Automation of business data processing.


Our Dubai office was started in 1997, delivering IT Training to various corporations. Since then, we have trained more than a hundred thousand corporate executives from nearly 2,000+ organizations.

Since 2000, we are offering consulting services to clients in the domain of database management, application developments, MS Excel and Access applications development with focus of HR data.

Software Development Philosophy

Amanat: noun- something precious (e.g. treasure, information, etc) given for safe keeping. (also spelled as ‘amaanat’, ‘amaanah’)

AmanatSoft develops software solutions so that your amanat (information) is in trustworthy hands of our robust software.

Our Software Development Philosophy has three critical pillars: