School of HRMS Excellence

Human Resources organizations are poised to have their day in the sun by proving their worth and strategic value to people and the business. But to make good on that promise companies must embrace digital HR.

The Time Is Now

The time is ripe to transform HR by moving core HR solutions to the cloud. Digital technology and design are converging to offer significant opportunities to get ahead of the curve. Business and HR leaders should put digital HR on the agenda and focus on individual, organizational, and work-specific programs that reduce complexity and help people focus on what really matters.

If you engage all of your employees with an easy-to-use, intuitive HRMS that helps people be more productive and happier at work, they’ll make better decisions for the present and future of your business.

The Major Constraint

Non availability of HR Professionals sufficiently knowledgeable about the complete HR digitization and automation process would be the single most important constraint in achieving this mission. To bridge this gap, we decided to design a non-technical course

Truth:   Academic qualifications like MBA, BBA, Diploma courses, etc. teach theory and concepts. They do not impart practical, hands-on knowledge of HR digitization and HR process automation, using cloud based HRMS.

We have been digitizing and automating HR processes since 2007.

  1. We have 100+ success stories, a few with global organizations.
  2. Five of our customers have been recognized in “Great Place To Work” honor’s list. Digitization and HR Process automation using Amanat-HRMS contributed to their credentials to win this award.
These are testimony to our focus on practicality and ease of use. Our experience has given us invaluable practical insights which no textbook can provide. The time is now ripe for us to share our knowledge with current and aspiring HR Professionals.

We are glad to announce a hands-on course on real-life “HRMS Administration and Implementation” in an organization.NO THEORY. Only practical, authentic HR digitization and process automation.

The course is focused on current and budding HR practitioners in Middle East. It is a non-technical course. (Download Course Details).